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Step into a world of clarity, control, and seamless operations.


Get a powerful and fully customized Notion workspace built around your workflow.


We implement and leverage the best system approaches for your business needs.

Automations & AI

Significantly reduce manual tasks and free your team for higher-value work with automations and AI integration.

Your success is our inspiration for innovative approach.

Limited Client Base

By accepting only two new clients each month, we ensure swift onboarding and unparalleled services.

Centered on Your Success

We will not stop refining your Notion workspace, systems and automations until it perfectly aligns with your vision.

Martin Korbel - professional Notion Consultant

Why you win with us

All the Tools and Support You Need for Long-term Success.

Fully Custom Notion Build

We engineer and build industry leading Notion based system and automations that fit your business like a glove.

Software Integration

We ensure the highest possible level integration of your specialized software (e.g. CAD, Accounting, …).

Automations & AI

Creating fully custom automations and AI elements to eliminate as many manual process steps as possible.

Complete Training

Every team member gets proper training ensuring maximum effectiveness of your business.

Admin Support

Full Notion systems admin support while scaling your team’s productivity without hiring a soul.

Keeping You on Track

Not just setting you for success. We keep you on track long term to give you the best chance of succeeding.

Scalable and Flexible

 Limitless Growth Framework… the system can expand as fast as your ambitions.

Transparent Pricing

No surprises here! Always pay the agreed price not a dime more.

Helicopter Guarantee

If you wouldn’t bungee jump out of a helicopter to keep our system after 30 days of using it, we will work for free until you would.


Why Notion?

Notion's Unrivalled Flexibility

Notion is like the Lego of digital tools, offering amazing flexibility for teams of all types. Whether you’re looking for a new CRM, a comprehensive content management system, or a top-notch project and task manager, Notion has the tools you need. It’s a favorite among many because it’s so powerful.

Who Uses Notion

Businesses big and small adopted Notion, from engineering teams to real estate agencies and all the way to big names like Pixar and Nike. Notion, along with SystemsHill, provides solutions that cater to a wide range of needs.

Building with Notion

It can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. For straightforward tasks, it’s easy to use. But for more intricate projects that look great and work smoothly, you might want an expert to handle the limitless possibilities Notion offers.

For more detailed information, check out Notion’s website. They explain their features better than anyone else.

Loved by businesses

“SystemHill have revolutionized our client onboarding process with their customized Notion workspace and automations. Their solution is intuitive, efficient, and tailored to our specific needs, significantly boosting our productivity. Their professional approach and ongoing support have been outstanding. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to optimize their business operations.”

Kamil Baranek

Kamil Baranek

Analyze Today | Marketing Agency

“My project visions turned into reality in a very short time thanks to Martin from SystemsHill. His ability of transforming complex ideas into flawlessly functional Notion systems is exceptional. Throughout the process, he was always opened to feedback, organised and dedicated to provide great support. The outcomes exceeded my expectations and I decided to work with SystemsHill long term. Thank you!”

Kristyna Pechova

Kristyna Pechova

“Martin at SystemsHill has proven to be an invaluable collaborator, significantly enhancing the operational efficiency of our company and improving interdepartmental communications. Following the successful completion of the initial Notion setup, Martin was very responsive and quickly implemented any desired additions or modifications we requested. I highly recommend Martin and SystemsHill for all your Notion-related requirements.”

Ryan Gjerde

Ryan Gjerde

General Manager at Solar Shield

“SystemsHill are a top-tier expert in Notion and automations. Their profound knowledge and practical approach have revolutionized  our business operations. The comprehensive database structure SystemsHill developed specifically for our needs has significantly enhanced our efficiency. Their patience and ability to clearly explain Notion’s various features made the learning process seamless. With their guidance, Notion has become an essential tool in our daily work, improving our information sharing and overall productivity. I highly recommend SystemsHill to any business looking to harness the full potential of Notion.”

Adam Dolansky

Adam Dolansky

Owner at Laurens Heating

“Working with Martin from SystemsHill has been a game-changer for our company’s use of Notion. His outstanding expertise and comprehensive approach have not only streamlined our processes but also empowered us to actively leverage Notion’s full capabilities. Martin’s patience in thoroughly explaining each function and tool has significantly improved our team collaboration and efficiency. The training and tips provided by Martin have led to significant  improvement in our project management and operational productivity. We are extremely grateful for the support and innovation Martin and SystemsHill have brought to our business and highly recommend their services to companies seeking expert guidance in modern software solutions.”

Josef Holesinsky

Josef Holesinsky

Owner at H & D Czech Republic

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